Reflections Vs Perceptions

Words by Benjamin Hylands

Paintings by Joseph Davey

Writer Benjamin Hylands and artist Joseph Davey launch their collaborative international book at The Hop Gallery, Lewes; 29 October to Sunday 13 November

This book represents a unique collaboration which challenges traditional patterns of experiencing and interpreting artistic experiences. Writers have often been moved by pictures or statues. Keats’ ‘Ode on a Grecian Urn’ is a classic example, which resulted in timeless poetry.

Reflections vs Perceptions is a very special enterprise between two men working in different genres and different countries to create a collection of symbiotic experiences, drawing on visual and verbal techniques. The reader is invited to share their interpretations, and to consider how reactions to works of art can be both personal and universal.

Artists have also selected many popular characters from literature to produce new works, such as Millais’ lush painting of the death of Ophelia and Dali’s series of portrayals of Cervantes’ Don Quixote.

These themes are eclectic, incorporating mythologies, landscapes, spiritual journeys, loss and love. A sparse quality in some of the paintings provokes surprisingly complex reactions. Always engaging, the prose can be playful or profound. Above all, the close relationship between the contributors shines through, as they explore their creative and emotional boundaries. This work celebrates and honours the importance of male friendship, a topic which is rarely presented with such tenderness and understanding.

You are encouraged to supply your own soundtrack to enhance your highly individual responses to this dynamic co-production.

The book will receive its first launch at The Hop Gallery, Lewes 29th October – 13th November before being released internationally via Amazon and high street booksellers later in November.


For a review copy, interviews, images and further information please contact:

Benjamin Hylands   07966 105045